You are hereAndrew Jovejoy at the Disco Bay Detour Bar May 26th

Andrew Jovejoy at the Disco Bay Detour Bar May 26th

By kenbarnettpt - Posted on 23 May 2017

Disco Bay Detour Bar
282332 US Highway 101
Discovery Bay, WA 98368

From the Disco Bay Detour Facebook page:

Andrew Lovejoy's website statement sums it up very nicely, sounds like a natural pairing with our cozy space:

"I discovered my passion for American roots music during a period of post-college aimlessness, and have spent much of the years since then exploring this music and refining my own take on it. As a songwriter and instrumentalist, I strive to create a sound that captures the timelessness of the old songs while also expressing something about the modern, crazy world we live in today.

I believe that live music is one of the most powerful media for creating human connection. As a performer, I seek to create an intimate environment where the song can pass as directly as possible from singer to listener. I love it when my shows feel like we're sitting in the living room together, just enjoying the music."