You are hereBeginning Quickstep Classes Start at the Sequim Prairie Grange Hall March 5th

Beginning Quickstep Classes Start at the Sequim Prairie Grange Hall March 5th

By kenbarnettpt - Posted on 02 March 2013

Sequim Prairie Grange Hall
290 Macleay Rd
Sequim, WA 98382
keendanceratq [dot] com

From Derek Perkins:

Dear Dancers,

This week completes our classes in Night Club Two Step! Everybody seemed to enjoy the dance and make good progress. As always the only way to keep the learned skill is to do it, so I recommend attending some of the local dances such as that presented by Steve Johnson last weekend. Then get on the floor and try it. No one will watch, laugh or criticize since we have all been through it.

Next month we will teach Quickstep. This, to me, is the most useful dance of the lot. It can be adapted to many dance tempos (temp i?), is easy to maneuver around the floor, and is easy to learn. The music is fun also. Now, I hear you say that Dancing with the Stars stuff is not for me. Rest assured that what they do is not simple social Quickstep, but a showcase routine. We will teach a basic form where you can decide which steps get you where you want to go. Not a fixed routine which you have to memorize.

So brush off your dance shoes, and prepare for a fun session. We hope to see you there!

Best Regards Derek and Pam

Beginners 7.00 P.M – 8.00 P.M  Intermediate 8.10 P.M – 9.10 P.M

Classes at both levels cost $8 per person per week.  Couples with experience in the beginning class may take both classes for $12 per week.  Private lessons are available by arrangement.

For more information, call Derek and Pam at (360) 582-0738 or by keendanceratq [dot] com (email).