You are hereDance Party at the Fairview Grange in Port Angeles May 7th

Dance Party at the Fairview Grange in Port Angeles May 7th

By kenbarnettpt - Posted on 16 April 2011

Fairview Grange
161 Lake Farm Road
Port Angeles, WA 98362
carolhaatolypen [dot] com

From Carol Hathaway's emails:

Hello Dancers!

Let’s try out Fairview Grange for a Dance Party----

Time: 7-8pm, Guest Instructor Roberto Villamarin will teach Night Club 2 Step! This is a Love song Style that is very Romantically HIP. Roberto’s NC2 class will have something for all levels!

Time: 8-11pm Dancing!

Place: Fairview Grange, Lake Farm Road, off Hwy 101, across from Fairview Elementary School

Music: Yours Truly with Perry’s awesome sound system; Song choice input from Chaz, Candi, Zach, Mitch, Helena, Matt, Lavida, Devin (the Under 30 Dancers!) Bi-Coastal Swing (East and West) and Latin tunes as well as Tango’s will be current upbeat cutting edge—with appropriate rhythms, and the Smooth Standard Waltzes, Foxtrots, Quicksteps will be silky as always…

Cost: $10 per person includes Nightclub 2 Step Lesson

Under 18- $5 per person YOUTH WELCOME

Come have fun, and speaking of HIPS, expect an out-of-the-box splash demo of Belly Dancing to inspire Hip Action for Latin tunes!! This will blow some minds!

Student Etiquette Tip: Thank you experienced dancers joining a group lesson, that you allow other students to absorb the steps as the Instructor teaches the class— You may find that you enjoy the review and even learned some new tips! …and if I insinuate expertise during someone else’s class, someone please poke me in the ribs.

Floorcraft Etiquette Tip: Thank you for leaving outside lanes clear for traveling styles! Many more dancers can be accommodated when slot dancers remain mid floor so travelers can keep moving! Think NASCAR…sort of…and if I’m blocking the traveling lane, HONK…

Honk, Honk, Hippa-Hubba


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