You are hereDeception Past at the Disco Bay Detour Bar September 23rd

Deception Past at the Disco Bay Detour Bar September 23rd

By kenbarnettpt - Posted on 20 September 2016

Disco Bay Detour Bar
282332 US Highway 101
Discovery Bay, WA 98368

From the Disco Bay Detour Bar Facebook page:

"Led by the powerful vocal harmonies of brothers Andrew, Joseph and Tyler Pettersson, Deception Past is a family band in the true sense of the word. From driving drum beats, hot lead guitar, sweet mandolin and sultry pedal steel, the band is constantly trying to improve their craft and show the world that country doesn’t have to be what the radio tells you."

Three brothers and a couple others combine powerful vocal harmonies and driving drums with pedal steel, guitar and mandolin for a country sound that is all their own. They are going to sound great at the Detour!


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