You are hereFarmstrong at the Disco Bay Detour Bar September 10th

Farmstrong at the Disco Bay Detour Bar September 10th

By kenbarnettpt - Posted on 06 September 2016

Disco Bay Detour Bar
282332 US Highway 101
Discovery Bay, WA 98368

From the Disco Bay Detour Bar Facebook page:

FarmStrong joins us Saturday September 10 for what will surely be a delightful show.

From their page: "FarmStrong is an acoustic string band based on the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington State. The quartet brings over 150 years of performance experience between them, mixing a deep history of playing bluegrass, with country, blues and rock music. At the heart of their sound is sweet harmony singing… a crystalline sound, thick and sweet as molasses, and as smooth and soft as velvet. Backed by a highly adept combination of stringed instruments, the band’s singing and distinctive style of arranging songs from within and beyond the mountain country music tradition reflect a musical chemistry that suggests a group that has been collaborating for many years. Whether spinning a classic Stanley Brothers tune, an old Merle Haggard classic, or a Taj Mahal blues number, FarmStrong’s sound brings tears to your eyes, goose bumps to your skin, and a voice to your heart."


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