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Milonga at the Quimper Grange April 16th

By kenbarnettpt - Posted on 10 April 2011

Quimper Grange #720
1219 Corona Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368
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The monthly Buenos Aires style Milonga at Port Townsend's cozy Quimper Grange. DJ John Gair will be playing tandas of the best classic tango music by both the traditional and evolutionary orchestras of the Golden Age.

During the March Milonga, dancers came from Seattle, Vancouver, Bellingham, Olympia, Tacoma, Poulsbo, Kingston, Sequim, Port Angeles, and Vancouver Island, with an even balance of leads and follows.

Emphasis is given to the importance of line of dance and respect for other dancers. The atmosphere is intimate and friendly with table seating. There is food to nibble on and socializing is encouraged.

John will play an fun mix of non-tango music from 7:00 to 7:30 depending on what appeals to him at the time. It is not selected for dancing, but you can try it if the spirit moves you.

Cost: $11 (mini-lesson and light snacks are included.)

Dancing: 7:30 to 11 PM

DJ: John Gair

For more info, contact natantaliatyahoo [dot] com (Nat )at (360) 385-2805.


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