You are herePiper Reva at the Upstage June 24th

Piper Reva at the Upstage June 24th

By kenbarnettpt - Posted on 20 June 2011

The Upstage Restaurant
932 Washington Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368
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The Upstage Restaurant

From the Upstage web site:

"With the intensity of her performance, she could eat a live rattlesnake.” –Daniel Ver

“Her music doesn’t just come from her soul. You can see it in her kneecaps.” –Kira Vogt, Theater Director/ WA

”That was the BEST show I’ve heard in a bar. EVER.” — Garrett Lyons, Verbicide Magazine / New York

“One of the best wordsmiths I’ve ever known.” — Bashful Johnny C. / Potato Guru /Minnesota

“You have an orgasmic quality to your voice” — Terry Elsemore, Tamarack Club Director / Maine

“Smile for me. I want to make sure you’re not a vampire.” — Connor

“Thanks to Piper Reva, I don’t need my daily dose of Ani DiFranco for the rest of the weekend.” – Becky Asa/ Bartender/ EVille, New York

$8 cover.

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